Beirut Office

Projects & Programs

Head Office:

Our Beirut Head office draws the mechanisms of the association's work and implements all projects and programs set by the association on all Lebanese lands.

Many training courses organized to achieve the goals of the association are held in the Beirut office.

National Library Support Program


SANAD Lebanon has implemented the program; "Supporting the National Library" through the "Virtual Visit to the National Library" project. This project aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. To support the Lebanese State institutions, which reflects positively on all Lebanese citizens without any discrimination.
  2. To conserve published national intellectual production, regardless of type and format; to conserve books and documents related to this production, and especially those concerning Lebanon and Lebanese citizens in general, either published or conserved abroad; and preserving those collections and striving to develop them constantly.
  3. To provide opportunities for all Lebanese around the world to explore the most prominent Lebanese cultural landmarks.
  4. To network with all the public libraries in Lebanon and around the world by signing cooperation agreements.

Hikmat Naser Award For Innovation

SANAD Lebanon believes in the importance of supporting the Lebanese innovators and encouraging students in public and private schools to be creative and innovative in the field of science, thus, the association grants the “Hikmat Nasser Awards for Innovation”.

After the success of the first edition of the Beirut International Innovation Show (BIIS), which took place in April 2016, the National Association for Science and Research (NASR) will organize between 27 & 28 AUG 2020 the second version of this international exhibition, ONLINE.

BIIS is an exhibition dedicated to showcasing the innovations of youth, institutions, companies and various sectors of society locally and internationally, and its aim is to promote technology transfer and investment in the presented innovations.

The students participating in the science competition will exhibit their latest innovations and showcase their scientific and educational capabilities before a jury composed of specialized university professors and delegates from the Ministry of Education.

The competiton will last for two days, as part of a huge ceremony organized under the auspices of the Lebanese Prime Minister, Online for this year, in the presence of educational, social events, the media and the families of the students.

The science competiton will close with a ceremony announcing the results with the distribution of cash and moral prizes and university scholarships to the winners.
This year’s science competiton takes place between 27 & 28 AUG 2020, allowing the middle and the high school students from Lebanese schools to showcase their inventions and innovations within the following six categories:

  1. Robotics: Includes operational mechatronic projects that perform certain functions assisted by artificial intelligence.
  2. Information Technology: Includes programs and applications using artificial intelligence, simulation, and the developing practices of technology in science and education.
  3. Environment and natural resources: Includes energy, water and natural resources projects, rationalization of their use, pollution problems and remedies.
  4. Health and Life Sciences: Includes research and projects related to human health, healthy behavior and diseases of the age, and the study of living organisms such as plants, animals and microorganisms in addition to agriculture and related topics.
  5. Physics and Chemistry: Includes applied research, mechanical and electrical projects based on physics and chemistry, the study of new materials and how to innovatively benefit from them and link them to different sciences.
  6. Astronomy: Includes devices of astronomical importance, models for elucidating or simulating astronomical phenomena, astronomical imaging, and research projects for the study of celestial bodies.


Advocacy to approve legislative laws in the Lebanese Parliament

SANAD Lebanon believes that legislation is the most appropriate solution when processing National issues, thus, SANAD Lebanon Coordinate the vision and the work with the "Civil Society Network for Digital Transformation DT Network" to approve legislative laws in the Lebanese Parliament, to achieve Digital Governance, Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Democracy.

From this standpoint, SANAD Lebanon participates in all activities and meetings taking place with relevant parliamentary committees to follow up on law proposals submitted by the representatives, or developing proposals and providing advice from specialists in various fields.

Training Courses for Lebanese Youth to acquire job market skills



SANAD Lebanon considers that the acquisition of skills has become a basic need for the Lebanese youth to keeping up with the rapid developments in the world, especially at Digital Technology.

SANAD Lebanon tries to support the Lebanese youth by organizing training courses on various topics with the aim of acquiring job market skills and Combating unemployment.

The association receives all the ideas and needs of Lebanese university students in order to organize the free courses they need.


Any student group of 10 or 15 students can suggest the topic of the training course that they need to be organized within the association’s office in Beirut or the association’s office in Haris / the south.

Please contact by mail:

Or call the following numbers: +961 81 83 87 15

Program of organizing seminars and conferences in Lebanese Schools and universities


SANAD Lebanon works in coordination with the Lebanese University, and with all private universities in Lebanon, and all public and private schools. It organizes seminars and conferences that serve Lebanese society, and which works to spread awareness, and learn effective debate, exchange of experiences and national interaction.

Where the association organizes several conferences in coordination with Universities and Schools, it announces them through the website and all the social media of the association