Welcome to SANAD Lebanon


SANAD Lebanon was founded in 2020, by Mr. Hikmat Nasser, with the aim to be a local and global social nucleus that achieves sustainable development goals to bring peace and prosperity in the community.
The Association's main objectives are: Development, Equality, Innovation, Partnerships and Communication

Aspiration Evolving into Reality

The desire to establish an association that passionately supports Lebanese society was something that Mr. Hikmat Nasser always held close to his heart. Having lived most of his life in the expatriate and business world, his connection to his motherland was always at the foundation of his endeavors. This was nurtured further through his connection with the World Lebanese Cultural Union (WLCU(, his representation of the Lebanese Parliament in the European Parliament, and the establishment of the Belgian Lebanese Business Council )BLBC(, amongst several other organizations serving Lebanese society.

SANAD Lebanon came into fruition once it opened its branches in Beirut (Raouche) and in the town of Haris, South Lebanon. What was initiated as the Hikmat Nasser Development Association became SANAD Lebanon , a name that represents the association’s core aspiration.


Board of Trustees

Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon
Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon
Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon
Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon
Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon
President of Sanad Lebanon

Board of Administrations

Project Manager of Sanad Lebanon
External Relations Manager of Sanad Lebanon
Financial Director of Sanad Lebanon
General Director of Sanad Lebanon
Vice President of Sanad Lebanon
Member on the board of trustees of Sanad Lebanon


The Lebanese Government and Official agencies

SANAD Lebanon sought to build partnerships with relevant ministries in the country, particularly the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Office of Minister of State for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) and the Ministry of Social Affairs. It also has a working partnership with the Lebanese Parliament and parliamentary committees for developing the Lebanese laws and the legislation. The association also works with various municipalities in Lebanon to activate development work.
It is also open in its partnership work with Arab and foreign embassies.

Partnership with The Private Sector

Through its strong relations with different parties in varying sectors, SANAD Lebanon works to strengthen and cultivate its relationship with the private sector. It holds a close relationship with the Belgian Lebanese Business Council (BLBC) and the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon. These partnerships provide social safety nets and support for all individuals involved in sectoral work.


Partnership with civil society

The work of Sanad Lebanon is harmoniously aligned with the efforts of many organizations, SANAD Lebanon and trade unions representing civil society. It is an active member of the "Civil Society Network for Digital Transformation (DT Network)" which includes 50 local organizations, SANAD Lebanon and syndicates with the aim of transforming the Lebanese society towards digital governance. Several cooperation agreements are also concluded with civil society SANAD Lebanon.


Partnership with international organizations

To help achieve its objectives and fulfill its human values, Sanad Lebanon holds cooperation agreements with several international organizations and undertakes networking initiatives with global SANAD Lebanon .
In this context, the Association has partnerships with United Nations organizations, ESCWA, UNESCO, UNRWA, UNDP, UNICEF, World Bank, European Union, Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) and the League of Arab States. Sanad Lebanon also holds partnerships with cultural centers such as: The French Cultural Center, The British Council, and The Belgian Cultural Center.