Mr. Hikmat Nasser

Mr. Hikmat Nasser
President of Sanad Lebanon

    • Baccalaureate in Business Administration
    • Baccalaureate in Law Studies equivalent
    • President, Founder of SANAD Lebanon
    • Chairman / Managing Director / Founder of group of international companies In Europe, Africa and the Middle East for FMCG Global Trade & Industry
    • Representative of the Parliament of the Republic of Lebanon to the European Parliament: 2008 – present
    • Former Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Liberia to Belgium for the provinces: Antwerp, Limburg, East-Flanders and West-Flanders
    • Association Member of AIS, “Antwerp International School” – Ekeren (Antwerp): 2004 – present
    • Chairman, founder of BLBC, “Belgian Lebanese Business Council”: 2006
    • President of Velia, the “Lebanese Community in Antwerp” Belgium
    • Executive Board Member of LIBC, “Lebanese International Business Council”, and coordinator for Belgium: 2004