What We Do

What We Do

Our Vision

To support people to progress to a more just society.



To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to support the Lebanese society and achieve prosperity and innovation.


Core Values

  • Transparency: The Association operates with complete transparency in all its business management and relations.
  • Cooperation: All activities and initiatives undertaken by the Association are based on full cooperation with various parties in pursuit of common goals.
  • Innovation: The Society relies on innovation as a human value that it adopts as a basic principle in its work, in order to keep pace with the times and its rapid developments.



  • The Society aims to contribute to the socio-economic development in all its available forms through the provision of assistance, empowerment of individuals and cooperation with relevant authorities
  • To support women's challenges and urge the community to advocate their issues
  • To encourage scientific and literary creations, and support researchers in the preparation of studies
  • To support public education
  • To develop skills for all segments of society and implement them in the labor market
  • To provide training courses, workshops and lectures
  • To organize expatriate conferences and meetings to promote expatriate communication