Sanad Lebanon holds the “Coordination Education Meeting” at Haris Center

In coordination with the Ministry of Education and in the presence of the education chief for Nabatiyeh, Mr. Akram Abo Shakra, Sanad Lebanon  held a “coordination educational meeting” with the directors of public schools within (Union of Municipalities AlKalaa) /Bint Jbeil district, to discuss the educational issue, especially how to start the school year Successfully.

The meeting began with the Lebanese National Anthem, then an opening speech by the General Director of Sanad Lebanon, Dr. Nadim Mansouri, in which he referred to the importance of the meeting, which aims to acquaintance and coordination to discuss all the challenges faced by students, teachers and parents. Then there was the speech of the President of Sanad Lebanon, Mr. Hikmat Nasser from Belgium, through Zoom, in which he thanked the Director General of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Fadi Yarq, for his cooperation in holding this meeting, and for the participation of the education chief in Nabatiyeh, Mr. Akram Abu Shakra, and the president of the municipality of Haris, Mr. Imad Suleiman Ahmed Represented by Vice President Mr. Ali Nassour, and school directors, to attend this meeting to discuss and think to reach solutions that save the future generation.

Then the education chief, Mr. Akram Abu Shakra, presented his intervention, expressing his happiness in holding this educational meeting in Haris, with the participation of the school directors.

Abu Shakra detailed all the challenges facing the next year, especially the health challenges due to the Corona pandemic, the expected big numbers of students and the extent to which schools can accommodate these numbers, the equipment, the need to train teachers on techniques… And he expressed his thanks to the Sanad Lebanon for its initiative, and its readiness for practical cooperation to save the school year and cooperate for what is in the interest of the students.

Then the discussion opened with directors, reviewing the requirements of the next year in an effort to overcome the difficulties facing everyone. The discussion was fruitful, rich and informative.

Then the director of the educational sector in Sanad Lebanon, Rabie Baalbaki, presented a detailed reading of the reality of the technical equipment and the difficulties facing the public in terms of preparing teachers and empowering their capabilities, explaining some practical solutions.

Finally, Mr. Ali Nassour, on behalf of the Mayor of Haris, Mr. Emad Suleiman Ahmed, thanked Sanad Lebanon for this valuable initiative, welcoming all attendees to Haris, wishing success for this initiative and work and cooperation in the future for what is good for the town and the region.


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October 27, 2020