Donate to the “Corona Test Laboratory” at Tibnin Governmental Hospital

In an effort to combat the risk of the Coronavirus epidemic, Sanad Lebanon has donated 500 corona examination units, to the benefit of Tibnin Governmental Hospital, with the aim of providing the necessary laboratory tests free of charge for potential infected with Coronavirus.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tibnin Governmental Hospital, Dr. Muhammad Hammadi, directed a letter of thanks to the association, stating: “We express our deep thanks and appreciation to the Sanad Lebanon, for the support of the Tibnin Governmental Hospital and for the success of the launch of its laboratory that it established to confront the Corona epidemic.”

Sanad Lebanon wished health and safety for all the people of the south and Lebanon in general, thanking Dr. Muhammad Hammadi for his efforts, cooperation and his constant work to complete health care in the south.

October 23, 2020